Delight Your Senses With ... Our Specialty Flat Bread !

Our Corn Tortilla is made from finely ground maiza, tortilla dough has different colors, we supply white and yellow maize

Perfect for traditional mexican dishes such as tacos, tactadas, and enchiladas for TexMex cuisine lovers, simply deep fry our corn tortilla chips which are great for :

  • Snacks
  • Chips & Dips with shredded cheese or salsa
  • Make your own nachos!

We can also supply it friend & ready to serve

Defrosting & Handling Guidelines
1- Remove case from freezer storage(-18º C).
2- Defrost for minimum 12 hours umtil fully thawed.
3- Loosen tortillas by bending packs several times both way.
4- Open pack and slowly deparate tortillas.
5- Once opened, close packs firmly & keep in a cool place ( max 7º C). Use         withn 5 days.
6- Do not refreeze after thawing

Product descriptiom

Pack weight in gr

Pack quantity per case

Case weight per kilo

Shelf life Storage

10 corn tortilla (s) 15 cm




6 monthes Frozen 18 °C


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